Richard Folsom, our immediate past chairperson, was honored by the California Employer Advisory Council (CEAC) last night with the “EAC Chairperson of the Year” award.


For those of us who had the blessing of having Richard as our chairperson for many, many years, we already know how deserving he was of this recognition. For those of you who did not have the chance to work with Richard, he was an exemplary chairperson who attended almost every EAC meeting and ran every board meeting for at least 15 years (we think.)  He was Chair for so long that we couldn’t even figure out an exact start date.  The length of his term was a direct reflection on the great job he did, his commitment to our organization and the support of the board members.


We would also like to thank Sharon Martin, Alexis Winningham and David Navarrete for taking time out of your schedules for representing East Ventura County EAC at the CEAC conference.


And special thanks to Sharon Martin for her ongoing efforts as CEAC Regional VP.  We have no idea how she does it all, but we are glad she does.


— Meghan B. Clark, East Ventura County EAC chairperson