Established in 1989


The California Employment Development Department (EDD) realized a need for local, grass roots organizations to help disseminate information crucial for businesses to comply with California employment and business law.


At the state level, the California Employers Advisory Council (CEAC) coordinates efforts with the EDD and serves as the umbrella organization for all of the local Employer Advisory Council chapters.


Each local chapter is sourced solely with volunteer effort, including professionals and business owners who donate their time and expertise to continue the flow of information necessary for businesses to operate in today’s complex employment climate.


The East Ventura County Employer’s Advisory Council was formed in 1989.  With the help of dedicated board members and attendees, East Ventura County EAC regularly puts on top-notch seminars designed to help everyone in business avoid problems with their employees.


While employers have easy access to more information than ever dreamed possible, our monthly speakers are able to translate the chaos and discern fact from fiction when it comes to employment and business issues.

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